Blog > 25-year experience in the application of Vertora therapy within the restorative medicine of the Russian Federation

25-year experience in the application of Vertora therapy within the restorative medicine of the Russian Federation

The Vertora therapy method for long-term gentle stretching and unloading of the spine was developed by Professor Kinlein (Germany) in 1978.

Applied sustained spinal lengthening occurs in relaxed conditions and in optimal directions with proper spinal alignment and preserved physiological curves. This is ensured by the construction of the system, including elastic ribs.

The integration of the Vertora method into a complex of therapeutic measures shortens the rehabilitation time from 1.5 to 2.7 times in the treatment of vertebrogenic disease syndrome, and after surgical intervention (postlaminectomy syndrome, etc.) by 2.5-3.5 times.

In the presence of a degenerative syndrome, disc herniation, discogenic radiculopathy, in most cases a complete regression of the pain syndrome and clinical manifestations of neurological deficit is achieved with restoration of the muscle mass of the affected limb and posture.

The Vertora method is also applied within the framework of complex therapies for the treatment of cerebrovascular diseases and spinal cord stroke.

In scoliosis of 1-3 degrees, there is a tendency towards normalization of the spine axis, lordosis and kyphosis, lateral deviations and twisting of the torso, muscle imbalance, distortion of the pelvis.

An assessment of the results of the implementation of the Vertora therapy method is the fact that it has been applied in 53 countries around the world and for 25 years in Russia, and to date this is happening in more than 1,500 medical institutions in Russia, including spas, which gives us the right to talk about its high therapeutic and economic efficiency.

More than 800 medical and rehabilitation complexes of the Russian Federation conduct with the help of the Vertora system (in each complex separately) from 10 to 70 thousand procedures per year.

The operational life of the Vertora therapeutic device is 20 years, which allows one device to carry out more than 62,000 procedures. The Vertora device is also maintenance free and consumes no energy.

In this regard, the analyzes of the results of the application of the Vertora therapy unconditionally allow us to recommend it for practical use in restorative treatment.

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