Orthopedic mattress

Verthe Comfort

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Care of the spine and its proper function are the basis of healthy sleep and the proper "work" of all tissues and organs in the human body. It is this "care" that goes into the creation of one of the Verthe Comfort sleep systems.

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10 year warranty

Two cores with hardness regulation

Made in the EU


With the patented ribbed structure built into the Verthe Comfort mattress, a smooth and non-traumatic stretching of the spine is achieved, which restores its correct anatomical position.

The shape of the ribs and the characteristics of the "Verthora" cover ensure a comfortable sleep in all seasons thanks to the possibility of air circulation between the ribs.

Verthe Comfort

Prevention of degenerative diseases

Muscle relaxation

Comfort during sleep

The Verthe Comfort orthopedic mattress is recommended for:

  • Troubled sleep
  • Prevention of degenerative diseases
  • Active athletes
  • Back and lower back pain
  • Orthopedic beds
  • High stress levels
Verthe Comfort

Antibacterial foam

Regulates heat exchange

Breathable elastic pouch with zipper

Verthe Comfort

What does it contain?

1. Cotton and linen zippered case

2. Inner protective case with zipper made of cotton

3. Ribbed Traction system
Providing a gentle stretching of the spine

4. High elasticity foam

5. High density foam

The soft and elastic ribs of the mattress practically do not cause discomfort to the body. During sleep, the spine stretches, which allows the smooth and gentle entrainment of the distance between the individual vertebrae. Under these conditions, the intervertebral discs can receive fluid with the necessary substances in larger quantities and have enough space to replenish and restore their volume. This contributes to the regeneration of damaged discs and the regression of existing prolapses. Thanks to the stretching effect, tense muscles relax, a correct muscle stereotype is gradually formed, which leads to a stable improvement in the condition of the spine and bringing it to the correct anatomical position.

The Verthe Comfort Orthopedic Sleep System can be made with two separate ribbed cores, which allows:

  • When used by two people, peace of mind is ensured for each of them, as the vibration from the rotation is not transferred to the other user during sleep. /research shows that a person turns over 30 times in his sleep/
  • The two cores allow two different hardnesses / soft and hard /

Mattress Features

The mattress is available in two heights: 21 cm. and 25 cm.
Linen and cotton case with zipper for easy operation
100% cotton protective case with zipper for easy operation

IMPORTANT: The specificity of the product and its therapeutic properties do not allow turning the mattress in a direction other than the one indicated!

I. Mode of operation
Lie on the system so that the single central heart-shaped rib of the system coincides with the apex of the lumbar curve (approximately at the level of the navel);

II. Sheets and nightwear
In order for the mattress ribs to move optimally, it is desirable to use special "Verthora" elastic sheets, they are more stretchy in length than in width and are specially designed for the Verthora system. Nightwear is preferably made of thin knitwear.

III. How to lie down on a sleeping mattress
It is recommended to combine the mattress with a VertheSupport sleep pillow to structure a correct position along the entire length of the mattress. Try to lie down so that the ribbed roll of the pillow matches the curve of your neck with a sleeping mattress that is suitable for you, then you will achieve an even distribution of the load on the surface of the body.

IV. Notes
Often the beginning of therapy is associated with a period of addiction. In this case, on the first night, you can put a sheet of plain fabric on the bed, which will reduce the pulling force, while maintaining the effect of relaxation (relaxation) with an even distribution of the load on the surface of the body.


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