The guarantee is valid only for the production of cash and warranty card, certifying the purchase of the product by VERTORA LTD.

The warranty is given when using the product for its intended purpose and Following the instructions for unpacking, operation and care of the Product as described in this warranty card. In the event that It is necessary to transmit it to VERTORA LTD. For repair or replacement, The product must be carefully packaged, stored and in good sanitary and hygienic condition.

Non-standard size products are serviced by a repair. The terms of the warranty are valid only for the territory of Bulgaria and are in addition to the statutory rights.


Deviation from the size of the mattress in length and width greater than +/-2 cm, complying with the requirements of BDS. Deviation from the height of the mattress greater than +/-1 centimeter, complying with the requirements of the European standard DIN EN 1334.


Hollowing in the housing of the mattress less than 3 centimeters. Damage to the mattress due to use of unsuitable base or System for placement and operation.

Preferences for comfort and comfort, mebone and hardness. Stains from dirt or burning. Abrasion of textiles and mask. Presence of odour from the production process (after ventilation of the Product will disappear). Appearance of mold and/or mold due to increased humidity in the The room or use of appliances releasing moisture, as well as the appearance of Mould and/or mold for 3 months after purchasing the product. A unpacked mattress that has a wrong size or a model due to the fault of the The customer is not subject to replacement. No responsibilities are assumed concerning the physical and The natural state of the user. Continuous operation of PU material. The change does not affect the Quality of the mattress and its functionality. Failure to comply with the instructions for operation and maintenance of the mattress, Described in the warranty card.


They are sued directly to VERTORA LTD. This warranty does not limit the client's rights guaranteed by art. 112 – 118 By the Consumer Protection Act, 18/2011 Regardless of the Commercial guarantee, the trader is responsible for the lack of Conformity of the product with the sales contract pursuant to art. 112-115, Art. 112 (1) In the case of non-conformity of the consumer goods with the contract Sale, the consumer has the right to lodge a claim by asking

the The seller to bring the goods into conformity with the contract of sale. In this In this case, the user can choose between performing a repair of the The product or its replacement with a new one, unless this is impossible or the chosen Compensation is disproportionate compared to the other. 2) It is considered that a way to compensate the consumer is Disproportionate if its use imposes costs on the seller, Which, in comparison with the other method of compensation, are unreasonable by Consider: 1. The value of the consumer goods, if there was no lack of conformity 2. The importance of non-compliance; 3. The possibility of offering to the consumer another method of compensation Not associated with significant inconvenience to it. Art. 113 (1) (New – SG No. 18 of 2011) When the consumer goods do not Contract of sale, the seller is obliged to bring it into conformity with the accordance with the contract of sale. (2) (previous paragraph 1 – SG No. 18 of 2011) The alignment of the user Product in accordance with the contract of sale must be carried out in the Within one month of the submission of the claim by the User. 3 (Previous paragraph 2, am – SG No. 18 of 2011) After the expiry of the period under para. 2 The user has the right to10cancel the contract and be refunded Paid amount or to request a reduction in the price of the consumer goods Pursuant to art. 114, (4) (previous paragraph 3, am. – SG No. 18 of 2011) The alignment of the Consumer goods in accordance with the contract of sale is free of charge for the User. It does not owe the cost of shipping the consumer goods Materials and work related to its repair, and must not tolerate any Significant inconvenience. (5) (previous paragraph 4, am. – SG No. 18 of 2011) The user may request and Compensation for the damage suffered as a result of non-compliance.

Art. 114 (1) in the case of non-conformity of the consumer goods with the contract The consumer is not satisfied with the resolution of the The claim under art. 113, he shall be entitled to choose between one of the following Opportunities: 1. Cancellation of the contract and reimbursement of the amount paid by it. 2. Price reduction. (2) The user cannot claim reimbursement of paid Amount or to reduce the price when the trader agrees to carry out the Replacement of the consumer goods with a new one or to repair the goods within the One month from the submission of the claim by the consumer. (3) (NEW – SG 61, 2014) The trader must satisfy a request Termination of the contract and to reimburse, paid by the consumer, the amount After having satisfied three claims by the consumer through the Repair of the same product, within the period of Warranty under Art. 115 is the next occurrence of a non-compliant The product with the contract of sale. (4) (previous paragraph 3 – SG No. 61 of 2014) the user cannot Cancellation of the contract if the non-compliance of the goods with the Contract is negligible. Art. 115. (1) The user may exercise his or her right under this section within Two years from the delivery of the consumer goods. (2) the period under para. 1 stops running during the time required for the repair Or the replacement of the consumer goods or to reach an agreement Between the seller and the consumer to resolve the dispute. (3) The exercise of the consumer's right under para. 1 is not bound by Any other period for bringing a claim other than the period under para. 1. Art. 123. (2) where the manufacturer or the trader has provided a commercial Guarantee of the goods and the satisfaction of the claim is made through the Exchange of goods with another corresponding to what has been agreed, the trader Retain the original warranty conditions of the user. When the claim is satisfied by repairing the goods, the repairs carried out are shown in the warranty card and the period of repair is added to the warranty period.

Helpful Tips:

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This prevents moisture from entering from a human body to take an unfavorable disadvantage with a woman and lengthens life on the matpaĸa. Clean the mat with a cyx brush, brush or damp sponge. Use a minimum size of cap.

Not to do:

Do not rewind or tighten the mat to more than 30 degrees, so it is the action can be polypythane drunk on the mat. They are worthy and do not wait for the pxp, so they are not broken for this type of stress or weight. It uses cleaning agents for chemical grades or solvents. The Thing You Can Bring to Your Home and Hope mathepia. Avoid prolonging the search of the mat as well Then, in this way, an inappropriate pitch is applied to the mat. Do not use nylon / polyester or other seals and tabs 100% healed matepia. The mattress needs breathing, and so on way to stop its traction function. We recommend using VERTOR sheets of 100% organic cotton

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