Verthe Acupressure Set

The creation of the Verthe Acupressure set combines ancient traditions, bio-design and modern technology. The beautiful lotus flowers are made of hypoallergenic plastic and are ergonomically designed to have the greatest relaxing and healing effect.

- The highest quality, hypoallergenic natural materials

- Sharpened petals massage at over 7560 acupressure points - While resting, the Verthe Acupressure set induces thousands of small stimuli, which helps regulate heart rate, relaxes muscles and relieves the body of stress - Each set is handcrafted and contains:

  • Pillow made of linen, cotton, buckwheat shells, hypoallergenic plastic, 94 lotus flowers pillow size: 33x46 cmCarpet made of linen, cotton, pressed coconut fibers, hypoallergenic plastic, 221 lotus flowers71
  • A linen bag that carefully stores both products and makes them easy to carry.


Natural + turquoise

Purple + turquoise

Verthora advises you:

  • - It is most effective to sit, lie or stand barefoot between 20 and 40 minutes, we guarantee that you will then feel amazing
  • - Use light, knitted clothing that does not interfere with acupressure tips
  • Method of cleaning: remove the case and turn it with the lotus flowers inwards. Wash in the washing machine at 30 C, without dryer. You can also clean the lotus flowers with a disinfectant and a dry cloth
  • 2 year warranty