Personal solution for back pain and prevention of degenerative diseases

With the patented ribbed construction, a smooth and non-traumatic stretching of the spine is achieved, which restores its correct anatomical position.

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office system

New generation ergonomics and innovation adapted to personal care

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Verthe Spine Complex Therapy

Ergonomic comfort for a quality life

Safe recovery of spine and muscle functions

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24/7 spine care
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Certified medical product
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Made in the EU

VERTHORA a combination of personal care and ergonomic comfort

Verthora is a manufacturer of innovative ergonomic products that support the correct position of the body, both during the working day and during the hours of rest and full sleep.

It is characteristic of all Verthora brand products the innovative Traction system. In its essence, it is a ribbed construction, which with the help of the weight of the body and the earth's gravity is converted into a tension force in two opposite directions. This next-generation technology gently increases the distance between the vertebrae of the spine, thereby reducing tension and discomfort in the back and improving overall body function.

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Patented "Traction" system
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Complex therapy for the spine
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Innovative solutions
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Customized solutions

verthora icon ergonomic products

Ergonomic products

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Thermo-regulating materials


Ергономична облегалка Verthora verthe care pelvis

A new generation innovation to restore the correct position of the body. Personal care for employees in the workplace.

от 260.00 BGNот 195.00 BGN
Verthe Slapping
Therapeutic mattress

Customized according to the user's height and weight. Built-in patented ribbed construction provides therapy and comfort during sleep.

от 2026.00 BGNот 2026.00 BGN
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Handmade products

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No contraindications

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Care for all ages


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The Verthe Comfort mattress is great. I ordered the mattress, after a few days it was delivered to me and I enjoy using it. After the first sleep I felt the difference. Excellent quality. I am very pleased!

- Atanas Ivanov
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I am very satisfied with the mattress topper, the seat with chair back and the orthopedic pillow. I highly recommend them for people with herniated discs who want to work and be active in their daily lives despite their disease. Thank you Verthora! Wonderful service and even more wonderful products.

- Dimka Hristova
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Very polite and friendly staff. The girl explained in great detail and accuracy the benefits of their orthopedic mattress range. I recommend this shop. Their mattresses are amazing.

- Kostadin Vassilev

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